Vapor Barrier

There are many ways to protect a home against water damage.

Depending on the severity of your home’s water problem, one safety measure may involve a vapor barrier.

A vapor barrier is just what it sounds like. It is a sheet of material which is put over the insulation inside your homes wall. Water, even in gas form, seeks out drier environments. Similarly, warm, moist air inside your home will move toward the walls in order to find colder/drier air that is outside. Without a vapor barrier in place, moist air can move freely through insulation and even accumulate in concrete walls.

This is why a vapor barrier is so important. When moist air passes through the insulation, the water vapor collects inside the walls of your home. Warm temperatures and damp places are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Water also eliminates insulation’s ability to, well, insulate!

This water moisture can also be sucked up by the wooden studs inside the wall. Wet wood is bad wood; it loses its strength and will begin to rot. This can challenge the structural integrity of your home. A vapor barrier can be installed while building a home or after a home has been built. Regardless of when it is installed, a vapor barrier can be a smart safety measure to protect your home from more water damage.

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