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Rubberseal™ Roll On is a single component roof waterproofing product that was developed to provide the same benefits of the two component membrane system without the use of any specialized machines or equipment. Rubberseal™ Roll On can be used as a full roof waterproofing coating or it can be used to prepare a roofing substrate by filling in cracks and voids. It cures to a tough rubber like finish within 48 hours and forms a completely seamless and fully adhered membrane that prevents water penetration. Rubberseal™ Spray On Dual Component can then be cold-applied over the entirety of the roof providing a seamless and environmentally friendly waterproofing membrane. Rubberseal™ White can be used in combination with Rubberseal™ Spray On Dual Component and is a heat-deflecting acrylic based emulsion designed to reduce electrical costs in high temperature climates.

Rubberseal™ White is a finishing cover for the Rubberseal™ Spray On and Roll On waterproofing membrane. This coating is designed to act as a reflective coating for roofing systems, creating an energy efficient roofing system. The ceramic particles of the Top Coating provide and excellent thermal emittance value of .93 and a reflectance rating of 83% to allow the membrane to achieve both an “Energy Star” and a “CRRC” listing for contributing to the energy efficiency of a substrate on which this material is placed. This material will apply towards LEED credits, consult with your LEED AP today! RubbersealTM Ceramic Top Coating has also passed the ASTM 2000 hour weather ability test and has a Class A fire resistance rating and exhibits a 125% elongation ratio which allows flex and stretch over rubber membranes.

Additional features include: abrasion resistant, non-yellowing (for the basic white color), mildew resistant, non-toxic, UV resistant,and flexible for cold weather durability.

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