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Rubberseal™ Roll On and Rubberseal™ Trowel On are a cost effective waterproofing sealant for planter boxes, green house floors and pans, and an effective waterproofing liner for pools, watercourses and ponds. Containing no solvents and VOC free, these products are environmentally-friendly and safe to use. Rubberseal’s environmentally-friendly properties make it ideal for fish ponds and pools. It has been tested and shown suitable for live fish. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Rubberseal™ waterproofing membrane surpasses other pool waterproofing membranes through its unmatched elongation properties, outstanding environmentally-friendly characteristics, unparalleled uplift force per square inch, and through its inherent self-healing properties that allow the Rubberseal™ membrane system to self-recover from punctures and tears within minutes. See the back of this brochure for Rubberseal’s ASTM specifications.

Used on concrete, steel, and many other substrates, Rubberseal™ has an unparalleled track record of over 20 years with the first applications showing no signs of deterioration. Rubberseal™ is designed to improve and outlast the design life of the structure and results in huge savings both in current contract and future maintenance costs. It offers an effective, cost-efficient solution to the problem of pool & pond waterproofing.

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