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Rubberseal™ Liquid Rubber Black is a seamless, environmentally friendly foundation waterproofing coating with extraordinary elongation properties and a life expectancy of 50 years. Once fully adhered, Rubberseal will not let water in and will withstand environmental stresses such as thermal expansion. Rubberseal™ Black is ideal for foundation applications as it contains no VOCs, is non toxic, and is chemically inert.

For foundation and concrete structure repairs Rubberseal™ Roll On is applied using a conventional roller or in combination with geotextile fabric which is used to seal cracks and waterproof joints. Rubberseal™ Trowel Grade can be used in combination with Rubberseal™ Roll On to fill cracks before the application of the final coat. Both Rubberseal™ Roll On and Rubberseal™ Trowel Grade are applied as liquids and cure within hours to form a strong adhesive bond which waterproofs and protects most construction materials.

Used on concrete, steel, and many other substrates, Rubberseal™ has an unparalleled track record of over 20 years with the first applications showing no signs of deterioration. Rubberseal™ is designed to improve and outlast the design life of the structure and results in huge savings both in current contract and future maintenance costs. It offers an effective, cost-efficient solution to the problem of foundation waterproofing.