Foundation Waterproofing and Repairs, Roof Water-proofing, Roof Repairs

Rubberseal™ Roll On is a revolutionary product for the construction and roof repair industry.  Their ease of use and forward thinking engineering capabilities put high end waterproofing solutions in the hands of residential consumers and contractors.  Rubberseal™ products are versatile for patching leaks in roofs, repairing cracks along parapet walls and flashings and sealing around roof penetrations associated with skylights, rooftop air conditioners, and pipe work.


Rubberseal™ Roll On is a cost effective sealant for planter boxes, green house floors and pans, and an effective waterproofing liner for pools , watercourses and ponds. Containing no solvents and VOC free, these products are environmentally and work place safe.

Marine Applications

Rubberseal™ Roll On  can provide rust and corrosion protection in all kinds of marine environments.